Standard Dedicated Server Hosting with SSDs

CA$ 2,340.00 / year with a sign-up fee of CA$ 195.00

✅ up to 6 Core / 12 Thread
✅ 64 GB DDR4
✅ Server Location: Germany
✅ Software RAID Available
✅ Unlimited Traffic usage
✅ 1 Gbit/s-Port Connection
✅ Automated Backup Services
✅ Include Plesk Panel
✅ Free SSL (HTTPS)
✅ Dedicated IP, IPv6 subnet (/64)
✅ DDoS protection/Firewall
✅ Cloud infrastructure
✅ Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP
✅ Network availability min. 99.9%
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Ultimate Dedicated Root Server Hosting with SSDs

Ultimate High Performance. Better Storage. All-SSD Servers. Give you scalability, flexibility, and reliability. Rebootless Upgrades, Zero Downtime Kernel Updates includes cloud-powered infrastructure, free server management, a free Plesk license, and 20X faster CentOS and NGINX software configurations.



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